What Is A White Nail Disease?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a white discoloration seen in the case of nails. It is derived from the Greek word. It is mainly caused due to the injury to nail at the places where the nail is formed.

What are the signs and symptoms of White nail disease?

It includes the white discoloration seen in the nails.

What are the different types of White nail disease?

It includes the leukonychia totalis, leukonychia partialis, leukonychia striata and leukonychia punctata. It occurs due to the low albumin caused by the kidney disease.

The leukonychia totalis includes the discoloration of complete nail. It occurs due to the low albumin caused by the kidney disease. It occurs in the case of liver failure as well as protein mal absorbtion and the enteropathies. It can be also caused by the genetic condition which is a side effect of the sulfonamide which belongs to the family of antibiotics.

The leukonychia partialis includes the discoloration of half nail. It occurs in various forms.

The leukonychia striata includes the condition known as Muehrckes lines which are different and run parallel to the nail base. It is present in the nail bed and covers more than one nail. The nail becomes white in like bands. It may occur due to the problem in liver as well as the use of chemicals. It can also occur due to the use of excessive amount of lead, arsenic as well as heavy metal poisoning.

The leukonychia punctata includes the white spots on the nails. It is a true and the most common condition. In children as well as in young adults the most common cause of this disorder is picking as well as the biting of nails. In almost all of the cases white spots are present on a single or a couple of toes as well as fingers. The most common cause is the injury to the base of nail. These spots disappear after few weeks. It is normally 8 weeks. In this amount of time the nails have the ability to grow again.

The other reason can be the shortage of zinc. They remain there for months as well as for few years.

How White nail disease can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of visual examination as well as history taking. One must also check the kidney as well as liver function.

How White nail disease can be treated?

It can be treated with the help of identification of the etiological agent. One must take a diet which is rich in zinc and may also take few zinc supplements.

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