What is the impact of depression on society?

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Even today, people’s think of depression vary widely, both within and among cultures as there is no scientific link in it. It is not clear if it is a disease or disorder. Most of them consider it to be illness which requires proper treatment by a specialist. It also tells about that something may occur as a result of social as well as moral troubles. This disease is not so common in the China. The people of china do not believe in any kind of depression. It may be due to the western culture work who can tell about the troubles in human mind. In the developed countries it is known as sadness or misery. Some argue that it must not be considered as a complete disease.

Some of the researchers say that it is good for soul. It brings limitations, focus and weight limitations. Due to the social stigma there is no single platform where all of us can get together and discuss about this disease. The lack of knowledge about the diagnosis also plays a crucial role in it. Some of the prominent people of our society suffered from this disorder but they were never reported. The few prominent people with depression were M Shelley and American president A Lincoln.

The problem in the nerve and mood play an important role in the depression. The most common cause of depression is dejection. There must be a natural outlet for the emotions of depression to go out. It must not be contained. Some of the researchers also told it as black dog. The social taboo attached with this disorder is widely spread. The public opinions about this disorder are not constant and one must go for alternative treatments rather than the treatment with the help of drugs. They are known to be not much successful.

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