What is Shock?

March 11 21:09 2019 Print This Article

It is defined as a disorder in which there is a condition can lead to the death. It decreases the oxygenation of tissue. It cannot meet the cellular metabolism. The blood has the ability to carry oxygen as well as food material. It decreases the transport of these components when the flow of blood decreases. It does not allow the tissue to work properly. The blood has the ability to enter the tissue and is referred as perfusion. But if this process does not occur properly it can lead to hypo perfusion.

This disorder is quite similar to emotional state of shock. But they are not related to each other. Shock is a life taking condition. It is the common cause of death in already compromised patients. These effects have the similar results and are linked with the circulation system of body. Shock may lead to no oxygen in the arteries of blood. It can also lead to stopping of the heart.

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