What Is Peri Oral Dermatitis?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there are red papules which occur as small vesicles. It affects the area around the nostrils as well as around the mouth and eyes. It is known as peri oral or peri ocular area. It affects the women aged between 20 to 45 years.

What are the causes of Peri oral dermatitis?

It includes the use of topical steroids which occurs mainly in the form of gluco corticoid. The other causes can be the use of fluoride tooth pastes or the irritation which is continuous. It is increased by the use of soaps, washes and cosmetics. One must not use these things on the affected areas.

How Peri oral dermatitis can be treated?

One must use tetracyclines like they are used in the case of acne vulgaris. One can also use erythromycin and one must not use the steroids which are topical in use.

How Peri oral dermatitis can be prevented?

OOne must not use soaps, washes and cosmetics things on the affected areas.

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