What Is An Iso Di Centric 15?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a problem in the chromosome.It is also known as idic 15. The child is born with the extra genetic material from 15 number chromosomes. The children have 47 chromosomes in spite of 46 which is a normal number. This extra chromosome is made up of piece of chromosome number 15. It is divided and has a mirror like image. The symptoms seen in this disorder are due to the presence of extra chromosome. The patients have different copies of chromosome and they do not have just two copies. In which these copies are seen from the maternal as well as paternal aspect. It occurs in the hidden stage and few of the cells have a marker chromosome. The marker has instability as well as tendency to be lost during the mitosis and some cells are normal with the 46 chromosomes. Some of the cells have 48 to 49 chromosomes. In individuals the same clinical picture can be seen.

What are the signs and symptoms of Iso di centric 15?

It includes the problem in motor skills such as the sitting or walking. There is a problem in the development of language. The muscle tone is low, height is short and seizures. There is a problem in the mental ability. There are other features present on the face such as flat nose, palate which is high arched and the nose is button shape. There are folds of the skin which are present on the inner side of eyes. The other feature can be autism like the problem in social as well as the communication. There are social interactions and behavior which is stereo type. There are features which are mild in nature and can lead to inability to speak properly.

How Iso di centric 15 can be diagnosed?

It is done by the process of cyto genetic analysis in case of the long arm of chromosome. But this technique is not reliable. It can be done by signs and symptoms such as the fluorescent in situ hybridization in FISH. The analysis of chromosome is known as karyo typing. One also needs other tests. The gene content can be determined by the use of CGH. It is difficult to detect the chromosome 15 on routine examination. It can be clearly identified by a 15 alpha FISH study. One can also go for the genetic counseling in later stages.

How Iso di centric 15 can be treated?

There are many therapies which can deal with this disorder. It can be occupational, physical as well as the speech. It helps the children to have a full potential. The families must know about the outcome of symptoms and their association. The medicines do not allow the uptake of serotonin. It must be used with caution. One can also go for the genetic counseling. Each family is unique and the information is necessary for the counseling of future pregnancies.

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