What is an Acne Rosacea?

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It is defined as a chronic condition in which there is redness on the face and is referred as erythema. The pimples are also included under it. It may affect the eyes also. Mainly it is a harmless esthetic condition. It is mainly treated with the use of topical medicines which decreases the inflammation. It mainly involves the Caucasians of Europe. It is also known as the curse of Celts by some British and Ireland people. It also affects all the ethnicities and involves both the sexes. It is more common in the female. It occurs mainly between the age of 30 and 60.

What is the diagnosis of Acne rosacea?

There is no specific test for diagnosis of this condition. The people with this disorder have mild redness. In most of the cases visual inspection by a physician is sufficient. In other cases where there are pimples on less common parts of the face a different treatments are successful in confirming the diagnosis. This disorder is confused with the acne vulgaris. The rash is present on the scalp or ear. It suggests a different diagnosis as rosacea is mainly a facial diagnosis. It may appear in other areas also.

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