What is Acatalasemia?

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It is defined as a condition in which there is an absence of catalase. It is also referred as an acatalasemia. It is an autosomal recessive disorder which is peroxisomal.

What are the signs and symptoms of Acatalasemia?

It is benign in nature. It increases the incidence of periodontal infections and can also form the gangrene in later stages.

What is the history of Acatalasemia?

In the year 1948, Dr. S. Takhara who was a Japanese oto laryngologist was the first one to report this disease. He examined a patient with the oral ulcer. A hydrogen per oxide was spread on the diseased part but it did not generate oxygen as there was no catalase.

What is the treatment of Acatalasemia?

There is no specific treatment for this disorder.

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