What Is A Hyperhidrosis?

by andywalsh | April 22, 2019 10:34 pm

It is defined as a disorder in which there is an increase in the sweating. Sweating is common when there is hot or the person does an exercise. It can also occur if there is a stress. The people with this disorder sweat a lot even if the conditions are normal.

What are the signs and symptoms of Hyperhidrosis?

It includes the increase in sweating which is seen on the hands as well as the other areas of body. The clothes are soaked with the sweat. The skin is wrinkled and white in color and becomes red as well as irritated from the moisture. Odor is seen along with the dampness. Sweat does not have any odor. But sweat attracts the bacteria as well as other germs which may lead to infection. It may lead to not so good feelings. One is not comfortable in the social gatherings. One becomes self conscious and this happens due to the dampness as well as odor. One avoids shaking hand as well as raising the arm to reach something. One is not comfortable spending time in the public as well as school gatherings.

What are the causes of Hyperhidrosis?

It is mainly of two types primary as well as secondary. The primary form affects the both sides of face as well as head. It involves the larger areas of body. It is genetic in nature and affects the child when he is young. It happens in the early morning. The cause is very difficult to know. The secondary form can occur due to the other reasons also which involves the stress, change in hormone, anxiety as well as problem in the control of blood sugar level. It can also occur due to the cancer, heart diseases as well as infections. Other reasons can be the use of medicines or caffeine.

How Hyperhidrosis can be treated?

One can go for antiperspirants as well as the use of medicines. The secondary form of this disorder can also be treated with the help of medicines. There are other ways also by which this disorder can be treated. The use of regular antiperspirants has not been much helpful. One can also try a product of aluminum chloride. It helps down to control the sweat ducts. One can take this product from the store or consult a doctor. One must dry the skin with the help of towel. It must be done in night for few weeks. Its frequency can be increased too many times a day. It all depends on the decision of doctor. There are few medicines which prevent the stimulation of sweat glands. It is linked with many side effects such as dry mouth.

One must not take them over time. One must consult a doctor as soon as possible. If it is a secondary than the reason associated with it must be treated. For example, in case of stress one must first try to control the stress. One can go for anti anxiety medicines. A few amount of electricity can be used to control the sweat glands secretion. It is known as ionotophoresis. It is used in the treatment of head as well as feet.

The other treatment option is used by the help of Botox. It is put into the arm pits which cause sweating. It is quite expensive and is time consuming. It is not a long lasting treatment option. Surgery is the last option available. In this case nerves are cut which have an effect on the sweat glands. Some of the sweat glands are removed completely. But the results of surgery are not successful in a long run. The condition can get worsen and the surgery can even damage the artery as well as nerve.

How Hyperhidrosis can be prevented?

It includes the avoidance of any irritating factor. One must avoid alcohol, tobacco and cigarette smoking. One must bath daily so that the odor can be treated and one must use anti bacterial lotion. One must dry himself properly so that the bacteria are not able to survive in the dry areas. One must also wear socks so that the moisture is taken away from the skin. One must change the socks and must not wear the same shoes daily. One must wear cotton clothes which helps you to feel cooler.

One must keep up with the laundry and must wash and dry the clothes. It must be done before one wears a cloth. The under arm shaving must be done in the bath room. The food as well as drinks which increase the sweating must be avoided and includes the alcohol as well as spicy food. In few cases yoga as well as meditation are also helpful. They help in the relaxation as stress can lead to increase in sweating and they have proved to be quite helpful.

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