What Is A Cutaneous Larva Migrans?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a problem in the skin present in humans. It is caused due to the larvae of nematode parasites. Most common is the A Braziliens and is quite common in America. It is also known as a ground itch or a creeping eruption of teeth. It is also referred as sand worms in which the larvae live in soil.

What are the signs and symptoms of cutaneous larva migrans?

It includes the red eruption which can lead to itching. It becomes painful and it can also have a secondary infection in the time to come. The itching will continue even if the parasites are no more.

How cutaneous larva migrans can be treated?

It can be treated by number of ways one is the use of oral agents such as the albendazole and few anti fungal drugs. One can also use few anti itching creams. In few cases topical freezing agents can also be used like the liquid nitrogen or ethyl chloride. It freezes the larvae and provides some relief. One Should consult a doctor immediately to avoid further skin complications.

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