What is a Cancer?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an uncontrolled division of the cells. It is more than the normal. The cells also have the ability to move to other organs or parts of the body. It can also go inside other parts of the body. It can be differentiated from the other tumors. These tumors are localized and they do not have ability to invade other tissues. Cancers have the ability to form a tumor. The branch of medicine which deals with the study, treatment and diagnosis of cancer is known as oncology.

It includes the people of all age groups and the risk of having cancer increases with the age. It leads to more than one tenth of deaths worldwide. They mainly occur due to the changes in the genetic material of the cells. These changes may occur due to the environment, pollutants and tobacco smoking. The changes may also occur in DNA and are inherited.

There are certain genes which lead to cancer and are known as onco genes. It is activated by the cancer cells. It may lead to their over growth and division. They have the ability to get established. In cancer cells the gene which may lead to tumor are suppressed. They can affect the normal function of cells.

The diagnosis can be done with the help of microscope. It can be symptomatic or can also be established by the help of radiograph. Most of the cancers can be treated and can be treated depending on its location, stage and type. It can be treated with the help of surgery, chemo therapy as well as radio therapy. Now, the treatment has improved. There are new target therapies which have been used to act against the tumor and prevent the damage to other cells. The future outcome of the disease on patient depends on the stage and extent of disease.

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