What are the Stages of Liver Cancer ?

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It includes the benign and malignant forms. In the benign form the liver tumor starts in the blood vessels which are referred as the hemangioma. It is the most common type and most of them do not cause any tumor symptoms so there is no need of any treatment. If the condition is mild or severe there needs to be a bleeding and requires a removal. The benign epithelial liver tumors develop in the liver and are quite uncommon. The hepatic adenomas are benign epithelial liver tumors which occur in the liver and are uncommon. They are present in the right hepatic lobe and occur singly. Their size is not constant and it ranges from 2 to 30 cm. The symptoms associated with it are in association with the large symptoms and may lead to intense abdominal pain.

In the last few decades there has been an increase in the occurrence of specific type of adenoma. The prognosis of this tumor is questionable. There are few correlations between the malignant transformation, hemorrhage and rupture.

There is a focal nodular hyperplasia which is referred as the FNH and is the second most common tumor of the liver. It occurs due to the congenital arterio venus malformation hepatocyte response. In this process all the normal constituents are present and their pattern is abnormal. These conditions exist but the liver performs in the normal range.

There was American liver foundation which was formed 33 years ago and stated that there is need of support to the patients and families with this disorder. The American liver foundation also claimed that this disorder is one of the ten causes of death. It tells us about how the liver functions and its relation to the good health with the people who are battling with this disorder.

There are certain cancer which start in the liver and includes the hepato cellular carcinoma and hepato blastoma which are referred as the HCC and HB. The patients of hepato cellular carcinoma are younger in the age and have a vriant type which consists of both hepato cellular carcinoma and cholangio carcinoma.

There are cells of the bile duct which are present near to the bile ducts and drain the bile which is produced by the hepatocytes of liver. The cancer which arises from the blood vessels of the liver is known as hemangio endotheliomas. There is a hepato blastoma which arises from the right lobe and there are children which develop hepatoblastoma. There is a bile duct cancer which is referred as the cholangio carcinoma.

It accounts for 1 or 2 out of every 10 cases of cancer of liver. It starts in the small tubules and carries bile to the intestine. It is referred as the bile ducts. There are other form of cancer which arise from the blood vessels of liver. They grow quickly and they are wide spread when they are diagnosed. The patient survives for a year only. There is a rare form of lymphoma which is known as the lymphoma of liver and shows diffuse infiltrations. In rare cases one can see a formation of the mass.

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