What are the chances of outcome of shock on the future life?

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The future outcome of this disorder relies on the factor which causes it and the extent of different problems. The different types of shocks as mentioned above can be treated and they respond properly to the treatment. Septic shock is a rare condition which can even lead to the death of individual. In this case an infection in the body which leads to hypo tension. In this the blood vessels are dilated. It can also occur as a result of bacteria which are gram negative in nature. In the cardiogenic shock there is an inability of the heart to pump properly. It occurs as a result of injury to heart muscle from a disorder of heart. The future outcome of this shock is worse than the septic shock.

In case of shock first the changes are reversible and slowly they become irreversible. It has been proven in many experiments done in the animals. Death occurs due to the shortage of blood supply to the intestine. If the blood pressure is low for a long period of life it can lead to heart and respiratory problems. The chances of inadequate blood supply to brain are much more. So, one must control the bleeding along with the restoration of blood volume and respiratory support. It helps in the future outcome of the disease.

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