What are food allergies?

February 25 00:27 2019 Print This Article

This disorder is defined as the adverse immune response to a food protein. It is different from other allergies. It can lead to the mental disorders and it can be caused by alcohol. It can be caused by the nut, food and eggs. There is a form of immune therapy which includes the sub lingual immune therapy in which an oral drug is given which takes the benefits of oral immune tolerance to non pathogenic antigens like food and resident bacteria.

It accounts for 40 percent of the allergy treatment and is used in the Europe. In the United States it is getting quite popular now a day’s among the traditional allergists and is endorsed by the doctors who treat them. There is a second form of immune therapy which includes the intra venous injection of mono clonal antibodies. They have the ability to bind to free and B cell associated antibodies leading to the destruction. But one must avoid it to be used in the treatment of different types of food allergies.

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