What Is A Vocal Cord Nodule?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an involvement of the vocal cords which help in the speech. In this case a mass of tissue grows on the vocal cords. It is present at the intersection of anterior as well as the middle third of vocal cord. Here one can see a forceful contact. It decreases as well blocks the ability of vocal cords to help in create the changes as seen in air pressure which helps in the human speech.

What are the signs and symptoms of Vocal cord nodule?

It includes the painful speech, hoarseness of voice as well as many vocal breaks. It also decreases the vocal range. Females are most commonly affected. They occur as symmetrical swellings which are present on each side of vocal cords. It occurs due to increase in the voice practices such as the coughing and yelling. The people who are susceptible to these voices are affected commonly in the case of loud environment. It mainly includes the politicians, teachers as well as the singers. Cheer leaders are also included under it.

How Vocal cord nodule can be treated?

It includes that there is no specific treatment for this disorder. One must identify the cause for it and must act against it. One must go for a speech therapy along with a vocal training. The other option is voice rehabilitation. In rare cases one can go for the surgery. The surgery is safe and minor in case where the vocal cord nodules are removed.

The professionals such as the singers must take prior care before going through the surgery. The branch of science which deals with the voice habilitation is known as the vocology. The surgery is done with the help of general anesthesia and the vocal folds are removed with the help of scissors. Knives are also used and one can go for the lasers also which have proved to be quite effective. If the hoarseness of voice remains for more than 14 days it can lead to problem in the voice and one must consult an otorhino laryngologist.

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