What is the treatment of Acne rosacea?

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Its treatment procedure varies among different individuals. It depends on the severity of symptoms and its sub types.

1. A sub type approach is more successful in treating this condition. The mild cases are not treated and they are covered up with the normal cosmetics. The medicines give rise to a temporary remission of redness. It occurs within few weeks. The redness returns after the treatment is suspended.

2. The long term treatment of one to two years provides good results. It results in the permanent control of the condition. There is no requirement for the lifelong treatment. A few cases resolve of its own and some go into the permanent remission. The acidic diet is also the contributing factor in causing this disorder. So, a diet which is not much acidic must be used. The diet must be alkaline and must include the vegetables, almonds, soups and juices. The lower sugar fruits, salads and omega oils also serve the purpose. It should be combined with the plenty of water intake. It can be replaced with the lemon juice. The avoidance of trigger can decrease the onset of this disorder and will not alone lead to the remission. Some physicians recommend that a diary must be kept to keep a check on the triggers.

3. The sunlight is most common trigger. So, an excessive exposure to the sum must be avoided. The individual must use sun screen regularly to protect from sun rays. One can also wear hats with broad brims.

4. The people with the eyelid infection must maintain the eyelid hygiene. The eyelids must be cleaned regularly. It must be cleaned by the dilute baby shampoo. One can also use the over counter eyelid cleaner. A warm compress can be done many times a day.

5. The pre trigger events like prolonged exposure to the cool environment have an impact on the warm room flushing. The first line of defense in this disorder is provided by the oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics like metronidazole. It helps to get relief from the papules, pustules and inflammation. The inflammatory lesion decreases by the use of topical azelaic acid like Finacea. It also decreases the bumps and pustules. The oral antibiotics relieve the symptoms of this disorder. If the papules and pustules are present than isotretinoin can be used.

This medicine has many side effects and is used when the acne occurs in a severe form. However, in low doses it is effective in the treatment of different types of acne. The flushing and blushing can be treated with the use of centrally acting alpha agonist clonidine. Its affect is limited only. So, is the effect of beta blockers like nadolol and propanolol. The flushing can occur due to the use of red wine and it must be avoided.

6. The anti histamines are of not much help in this disorder. The individuals with allergies and which respond strongly to the food which are rich in histamine or the foods which release a lot of histamine may be treated with the use of oral anti histamines. Their flushing symptoms subside accordingly.

7. There is another drug known as the mirtazapine which give relief to the people suffering from flushing and burning. The skin treatment is also helpful. It is done with the help of sulphur. It is done mainly in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The sulphur is considered safe as compared to the steroids and coal tar. A new product from plant has been tested clinically to treat this disorder. It is known as MSM and silymarin. The MSM stands for methyl sulfonyl methane.

8. There is a single wavelength laser which is known as dermatological vascular. It is mainly a broad spectrum machine which helps in the treatment of this disorder. It mainly treats the redness of skin. A light is used which enters the epidermis and acts on the capillaries of dermis layers.

The oxy hemoglobin absorbs the light which heats up the capillaries. It may lead to the injury to capillaries as the light is absorbed by the body’s defense mechanism. There are also other methods to treat this disorder. The lasers must be used periodically so that the newly formed capillaries are removed. There is a carbon bi oxide laser which is used to remove the excess tissue formed in this disorder. The carbon bi oxide laser emits the wavelength which is absorbed by the skin. The beam can be focused into a thin beam and is used as a scalpel to remove the tissues.

9. There are low level light therapies which are also successful in treating this condition. It can also be improved with the use of photo rejuvenation.

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