What Is A Thumb Sucking Disease?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a deleterious habit and is greatly related with class II division I malocclusion. It is also not an easy problem to correct in children once it could be connected with psychological and social factors. The mother is a paramount key in helping child to stop thumb sucking so we have to explain her about what this habit cause once class II division I may cause some problems like gingivitis, bad breath because of incompetent lips.

Furthermore, the vestibular inclinations of incisors cause a greater risk of trauma fracture.

What are the signs and symptoms of disease?

It includes the gingivitis; bad breath as well as the chances of trauma is increased as a result of inclination of incisors.

What are the causes of disease?

It includes the psychological and social factors.

How disease can be treated?

It can be treated with the help of a reduction of over jet and overbite. So, deep assessment would be done. Removable appliance should be useful in aid stop thumb sucking if the child is cooperative. If not some visits to a psychologist should be considered. The key to planning is the canine relationship; we have to tip canine back into class I relationship. Once canines are in class I, retro cline upper incisors have to reduce over jet. The best way for achieve this is by two-arch fixed appliance as we can control over jet and overbite.

By the end of the treatment the thumb sucking habit must be stopped.

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