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What is Shock?

It is defined as a disorder in which there is a condition can lead to the death. It decreases the oxygenation of tissue. It cannot meet the cellular metabolism. The

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What are the signs and Symptoms of Shock?

It leads to anxiety, restlessness, change in the mental state which occurs due to decrease in the blood supply to brain and hypoxia. It may lead to decrease in the

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How the shock can be treated?

It requires immediate treatment to save the life. The early recognition and treatment is needed before the diagnosis can be made. Most of the types of shock are treated with

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What are the different types of Shock?

Mostly, there are four different types of shock. It is hypo volemic, cardiogenic, obstructive and distributive shock. In some cases there is a combination of all different shocks. In case

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What are the chances of outcome of shock on the future life?

The future outcome of this disorder relies on the factor which causes it and the extent of different problems. The different types of shocks as mentioned above can be treated

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