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What is Hives?

It is defined as a disorder in which there is a skin rash which occurs as dark red, raised and itchy bumps. They are caused due to the allergic reactions

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What causes Hives?

It includes the inflammatory reactions in the skin. They lead to the leakage of capillaries in dermis and result in an edema which continues till there is an interstitial fluid

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How to avoid Hives?

It includes the awareness of one’s trigger. It can be difficult measure as the triggers are multiple and so are the different types of urticaria. The people have more than

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How to cure hives?

It includes the histamine antagonists and other treatments. There is no treatment guarantee for this disorder. It is difficult to control the attacks and few population is resistant to the

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How long do hives last?

It includes the most cases of this disorder which extends up to less than 6 weeks lead to the acute condition of this disorder. They are due to the result

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What diseases cause hives?

There are 30 to 40 percent of the patients which suffer from chronic idiopathic utricaria. It is an auto immune cause. The acute viral infection is common cause of acute

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