What is Swine Influenza?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a virus known as influenza which can infect the birds as well as humans. It is also known as SIV. It is one of the viruses which is endemic to pigs. It is quite common in the pigs and the people who are in contact with the pigs are most commonly affected. It can also spread from one person to the other.

What are the signs and symptoms of Swine influenza?

It includes the fever, stiffness in the joints, and improper orientation along with the loss of consciousness. Vomiting can also occur and this may ultimately lead to death. It has different types of strains like the H1NI, HIN2, H2N3 and H3N2. The symptoms quite resemble to the influenza. It leads to vomiting, nausea, running nose, fever, aches in the body as well as ache in the stomach. It also includes the sore throat as well as feeling of tiredness. Coughing is such other feature. This virus occurs in the China and also occurs in the Vietnam.

The pigs have the ability to carry influenza virus. These viruses can inter change the genes with the help of mutations. It can pass to the humans as well. It can occur in the other countries also. The transmission of this virus from human to other is just like an influenza which is seasonal. It is spread by the coughing or sneezing and it can spread from the nose or mouth if it is touched. In the first week of illness the chances of infection are the most. The chances of infection are more in case of children.

How Swine influenza can be treated?

One can use few drugs that have proved to be quite effective such as the rimantadine, amantadine, along with the zanamivir. But you need to go to the hospital and get admitted so that you can be properly cured in initial stages only.

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