Sunburn Home Remedies

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A sunburn is a burn to the skin produced by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, commonly from the sun ‘s rays. It in a very light-skinned person may occur in less than 15 minutes of midday sun exposure, while a dark-skinned person may tolerate the same exposure for hours. Anyone who visits a beach, goes fishing, works in the yard, or simply is out in the sun can get sunburn. Improper tanning bed use is also a source of sunburn. It reduces the stretchiness of the skin and can cause premature aging and wrinkling of the skin, as well as the formation of age spots. Sunburn may also occur from exposure to other UV light sources such as solaria or tanning salons. Sunburn can be life-threatening and is a leading cause of cancer. It can easily be prevented through the use of sunscreen, clothing (and hats), and by limiting solar exposure, especially during the middle of the day.

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Below are presented a few Sunburn cure home remedies:

  • Mix 2 teaspoon tomato juice and 4 tablespoon buttermilk and apply on the face. Leave for 1/2 hour, and wash off.
  • Apply aloe vera or vinegar on the affected skin; it will stop inflammation and pain.
  • Cut fresh cucumber slices and rub them on the affected area. Before taking bath, add some baking powder to the bath water, this will help to soothe the burnt skin.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar to the burnt skin using cotton ball.
  • A thin paste of sandalwood applied to the sunburn area is beneficial.
  • Mix olive oil with equal quantity of vinegar and apply an hour before your bath.
  • Make a paste of Barley, turmeric and yogurt in equal proportions. Apply it over the area of sunburns.
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