What Is A Snow Blindness?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a pain in the eye. It occurs as a result of improper protection to the ultra violet rays. They can occur from the natural or artificial source. It may lead to sun burn of the conjunctiva as well as cornea. It is not noticed for many hours but is seen in after the exposure. It may lead to tears, feeling of grittiness as well as pain in eyes. It is also known as the photo keratitis. One must have adequate protection from the ultra violet rays and one must use the welding goggles. It must have a proper helmet and have snow goggles which protects from the UV light. It is treated by the deletion of source of ultra violet and the pain is relief with the covering of cornea.

What are the signs and symptoms of Snow blindness?

It includes the tears, feeling of grittiness as well as pain in eyes. It is also known as the photo keratitis. There is a discomfort from the bright light and pupils are closed. The symptoms occur after few hours of the exposure. It resolves within a day or two. The pupils may be constricted for more than a day or two in few cases.

How snow blindness can be caused?

It mainly occurs as a result of exposure to the ultra violet rays. It is quite common among the welders who are not able to use the eye protection measures. It occurs in the form of welding goggles or welding helmets. It is known as arc eye. The photo keratitis can also occur due to the reflection of sun light from the ice as well as snow. It occurs at certain heights and is referred as the snow blindness. The other reason can be the use of tanning beds without eye protection. There are natural sources such as the ice as well as snow which are involved the other sources can be the sand or sea. These are less commonly involved. Most of the ultra violet fresh snow is reflected due to the fresh snow. The dry snow is not that effective. The sandy beach or foam of the sea is also not that effective. The problem is seen mainly in the polar areas. It is also seen at the high altitudes and as we go up the UV rays intensity increases by 4 percent.

How Snow blindness can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of visual examination and a patient history. There is an important diagnostic test which is known as the fluorescent dye test. It helps to know about the punctuate areas under the blue light.

How Snow blindness can be treated?

It includes that there is no specific treatment for this disorder. One must identify the cause for it and must act against it. One must use the anesthetic eye drops. It helps the patient to get relief from the pain and is a temporary measure. It must be done initially and it creates a problem with the healing of cornea. It can lead to ulcer formation in the cornea. One must use cool pressure on the eyes and must use the non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs known as the NSAIDs. They decrease the inflammation as well as pain in eye. The local symptoms can be treated by the artificial tears. The role of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs known as the NSAIDs is controversial. The pain medicines given in the systemic form is helpful in the cases of severe discomfort. If we remove the source of injury healing is quite rapid. It takes 1 to 3 days. One can avoid the injury in case of isolation in the dark room. One must avoid rubbing the eyes and must remove the contact lens. One must continue with the sun glasses until the symptoms get better.

How Snow blindness can be prevented?

It includes the avoidance of any irritating factor. One must avoid alcohol, tobacco and cigarette smoking. It includes the use of sun glasses so that the eyes can be protected. The sun glasses have the ability to pass one tenth of the light only and the rest of light is absorbed. The glasses must have large lenses and must also have side shields so that the light exposure can be prevented. One must always wear the sun glasses and must not avoid it even if the sky is over cast. The UV rays have the ability to pass through the clouds. One can go for the emergency goggles when the sun glasses are damaged. They are made by having a hole in the dark fabric or in the tape which is folded back. One must black the skin below the eyes so that the reflection can be prevented. It must be done with the help of charcoal.

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