What are the signs and symptoms of Depression?

by andywalsh | March 11, 2019 8:14 pm

Depression is a serious disorder in which the confidence and mood is low. The person loses interest in normal activities. It is also defined as the aggregation of symptoms. There are different types of depression including the psychological ones. The major depression affects the patient’s personal, work and social life in an adverse way.

Depressed people may be linked with, or
• Feel helpless over,
• Thoughts and feelings of worthlessness,
• Unreal guilt or regret,
• Self-hatred
• Hopelessness
• Helplessness.

In severe cases, depressed people may have symptoms of madness. These symptoms include false thoughts or drunkenness, usually of an unpleasant nature.
• Other symptoms of depression include
• Withdrawal from social situations and activities,
• Poor concentration and memory,
• Decreased sex drive, and
• Thinking of death or suicide.

The person may report many physical symptoms such as headache or fatigue.

Digestive problems:

physical complaints are the most common disorder in developing countries. Family and friends may report about the person’s improper behavior. The children who are depressed remain irritated and not depressed. They lose interest in their studies and do not wish o go to school anymore. They are not secure and are dependent. When the symptoms are considered to be normal the diagnosis of this disease is delayed. It can overlap with other defects. Elder patients have a slow movement and can forget the daily routine things. Depression can occur along with the heart and lung diseases.

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