What are the signs and symptoms of Chancroid?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a formation of the painful sores which are present on the genital organs. It is also known as the soft chancre. It is also mentioned as an ulcus molle. It is spread sexually from one patient to the other. This is main method by which it is spread.

What are the signs and symptoms of Chancroid?

It includes the small elevation that becomes an ulcer. It occurs within a day of appearance. The incubation period is one to 14 days. The ulcer is painful, has irregular borders, with a base which bleeds and is covered with a grey material. It ranges from 3 to 50 mm. The borders are not properly formed. These are the main features of ulcer caused by this disorder. These are present on the genital organs and can be one or more in number.

The adenopathy is also seen along with the ulcer and sometimes pus is also formed along with the enlargement of glands. The examination with the help of dark field shows no presence of causing organism that is treponeme palladium. After the ulcer is formed a serological test is done so that the diagnosis can be confirmed. Herpes simplex virus is not atypical feature of this disease. Most of the men have a single ulcer while the women have multiple ulcers. They have a specific location and in men they are found on the glans penis and in the women they are found on the labia minora.

What are the causes of Chancroid?

It includes the causative organism such as H Ducreyi. It is a bacterial infection due to the gram negative bacteria. It is quite common in the developing country and is linked with the sex workers. In the developed countries the chances of infection are less. It is quite common in the case of people who travel a lot. It is quite common in the case of cocaine abusers and is common among the prostitutes. It is also linked with the HIV infection caused due to HIV. The risk of transmission is high in case if the patient is suffering from the AIDS.

How Chancroid can be treated?

A single oral dose of azithromycin has been quite successful. One can also go for the intramuscular dose of ceftriaxone. An oral dose of erythromycin can be given for a week.

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