What are the signs and symptoms of abdominal cystic lymphangioma?

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Mainly there are three different types of lymphangioma with different symptoms. The size of vessels helps to differentiate the different types of lymphangioma.

There is a dysfunction of the lymphatic system and the circum scriptum lymphangioma is found on the surface of skin and the other types occur in the deeper parts of skin. The circum scriptum lymphangioma is microcytic and resembles a lymphatic malformation. It is the collection of small blisters which have different colors. They can be pink or red in color. They are benign in nature and do not require any medical intervention. They may be removed for the esthetic reasons.

The cavernous lymphangioma is present at the birth and may appear later also. They may occur deep in the skin and involve neck, tongue and lips. Their size varies a lot ranging from few to large centimeters. In few cases whole of the hand or foot is involved. They do not cause any pain but the pain may be felt when some pressure is applied on it.

The cystic hygroma is very much similar to the lymphangioma mentioned above. This is soft in consistency as compared to the cavernous lymphangioma. They are mainly found on the neck and groin areas. They are mainly swollen bulges below the skin.

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