What Is A Scaling?

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It is defined as a procedure in which there is a removal of the plaque. It leads to the inflammation of the gingival followed by the redness etc.

What are the signs and symptoms of plaque accumulation?

It includes the inflammation of gingiva. There is a swelling in gingiva and is red in color. There is a bleeding in the gums when we brush the teeth. There is a bad breath too.

How scaling can be done?

It includes the use of manual as well as ultra sonic instruments to clean the plaque.

How plaque accumulation can be treated?

It includes that there is no specific treatment for this disorder. But it relies on the mechanical as well as chemical methods. The mechanical methods involve the use of tooth brushes, tooth picks, dental floss and inter proximal brushes. One can also go for irrigation devices and the dental wood sticks. The chemical methods involve the use of agents which act against the supra and sub gingival plaque. One of the most common agents is 0.2 percent of chloro hexidine mouth wash. In the mechanical methods tooth brushes are very successful.

How plaque accumulation can be prevented?

It includes the proper use of brush and techniques and one must also go for mouth washes too.

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