What Is A Reinkes Edema?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an increase in the size of vocal fluids. It occurs due to the accumulation of fluid known as edema. It is also known as the polypoid degeneration.

What are the signs and symptoms of Reinkes edema?

It includes the swelling of vocal fold of both the sides. It makes them irregular as well as sac like. The individuals with this disorder have a voice which is low pitch and husky.

What are the causes of Reinkes edema?

It includes the changes in hormone such as the hypo thyroidism. It includes the smoking as well as gastro esophageal reflux. It can be also due to the voice abuse which is chronic in the nature.

How Reinkes edema can be treated?

It includes that there is no specific treatment for this disorder. One must identify the cause for it and must act against it. It must be started as soon as the edema is seen. The other option can be surgery and it helps to restore the voice. It is not effective in complete restoration of the voice to its original state.. In the case of surgery one can go for the medial movement of the vocal cords. It can be temporary or permanent.

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