What Is A Puber Phonia?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an involvement of the adolescent males. Their voice changes as there is a sudden increase in the length of vocal cords due to increase in the size of Adams apple. It is also known as thyroid prominence. It is not common in the case of females.

Their vocal cords do not increase much in the length. The length of vocal cords depends on the testosterone levels and it is found in the case of pubescent males. Even after the adolescent period the voice remains the same it is known as the puber phonia. There is no organic cause and the patient has a high pitch voice even after the puberty.

What are the causes of Puber phonia?

It includes slow development of the sexual characters which are secondary, psychic causes as well as the inability of thyroid laminae to non fuse.

How Puber phonia can be treated?

One must treat it with the voice therapy. One can also go for the phono surgery in which the relaxation of cord as well as surgical shortening can be done.

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