What Is Periodontal Disease?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an involvement of one or more tissues of periodontium. It includes the cementum, gingival, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. The periodontium is affected by the inflammatory reactions caused due to plaque. They can be gingivitis or periodontitis. In most of the cases gingivitis changes to periodontitis.

What are the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease?

It includes the initial, early, established and advanced lesion. In the initial lesion there is a occurrence of large number of small organisms. They affect the mucosa and the products which they form. In the periodontal disease it is quite difficult to differentiate between the health and disease. In case of healthy gingival there are few number of white blood cells which migrate to the gingival and live in the junction epithelium. Other cells such as lymphocytes and plasma cells are also found at the connective tissue. No injury to the tissue occurs.

In the early lesion there is not much disturbance which one can see visually.

In the established lesion there is a disturbance which one can see visually.

In the advanced lesion there is a disturbance which one can see visually.

How periodontal disease can be diagnosed?

It includes the family history as well as patient symptoms.

How periodontal disease can be treated?

It includes that there is no specific treatment for this disorder. In this a sub gingival calculus is removed. It is also known as tartar. One can also go for few surgical procedures like scaling or root planning. The calculus is removed from the tooth surface by the help of hand forces.

The dental calculus is also known as tartar. It is made up of calcium phosphate salt which is a part of calcium phosphate. It is present in the bone as well as teeth. The calculus is unstable ionic ally and it lost two electrons. It binds to the teeth and gets harden and needs to be removed with the help of hand force. It combines with the help of electrons present in the matrix with the help of bonds which are electrostatic in nature.

There is another procedure which is also known as periogen. It uses the tetra potassium poly phosphate along with the component of sodium phosphate and sodium fluoride. It has the ability to dissolve calculus in few weeks.

How periodontal disease can be prevented?

It includes the use of tooth brush as well as flossing. In the case of tooth brushing we need a use of brush which helps to clean the teeth. One must also visit the dentist and must eat what is right. One must brush at least twice a day and it must be done after every meal. It removes plaque which is made up of bacteria which is attached to teeth. In this a pea shape tooth paste is placed on the tooth brush. A tooth brush is placed with the tooth at an angle of 45 degree. It is present near the gum line.

The brush is moved across the teeth with a circular motion. It is pressed so hard that the bristles are present which are present against the teeth. The bristles are present into the groves and cervices. The inside of the bottom front teeth put the head in upfront motion. The tooth brush is moved in a small circular motion. One must replace the tooth brush after few months. After brushing one must rinse the teeth after every meal. A tongue must be cleaned with the few strokes of brush. One must not scrub it and the bacteria must be removed. It helps to remove the other organisms also.

One must floss daily and must help to remove the food and plaque. It is done where the tooth brush is not reached. If it is not removed it can change to calculus. This is mainly done by the strip of floss which is 18 inch in the diameter. It is placed between the middle fingers of each hand and the top teeth are included the first which are followed by the lower teeth. It must be done in between the teeth as well as back of teeth. It must be clean and must be done regularly. One must not push hard and clean the gums and the flossing must be done in a C shape. A section of floss is used.

The food must be taken at the right moments and must have proper sugar and starch content. It must have a low carbohydrate diet with a fibre rich diet. One must avoid candies as well as chocolates. There are few candies which remain in the mouth for a long time and liberate a lot of sugars. There are few potato chips which bound to the teeth. One must avoid the use of snacks.

A proper dental check up must be done after every six months. The dentist can do the treatment as peer required. One must also visit the dentist if there is a pain or any other inflammation.

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