What is the patho genesis of Adeno Carcinoma of Lung?

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In this there is an activation of the onco gene or an inactivation of the tumor suppressor gene. Onco genes are those which make the people susceptible to cancer. Onco genes are formed from the proto oncogenes when they are exposed to the carcinogens. The mutations in the K proto oncogene are responsible for the 20 perecent of adeno carcinoma of lungs. A cell proliferation is regulated by the epidermal growth factor receptor referred as EGFR. It also regulates the cell apoptosis, tumor invasion and angio genesis.

The mutations and rise of the epidermal growth factor receptor referred as EGFR is quite common in the non small cell lung cancer and it provides the basis of treatment for the epidermal growth factor receptor referred as EGFR inhibitors. The damage to the chromosome can lead to the loss of hetero zygosity. It causes the in activation of tumor suppressor gene. The damage to chromosome is common in small cell lung cancer. The tumor suppressor gene is present on the chromosome 17 p and affects around 70 percent of the cases. There are other genes also which are mutated or amplified. One can also observe the genetic polymorphisms linked with the lung cancer.

It includes the polymorphism in gene coding and cyto chrome apoptosis promoters along with the DNA repair molecules. The people with these poly morphisms are more likely to develop lung cancer after the exposure to carcinogens. A recent study also suggested that the allele is a low penetrate risk factor for the formation of lung cancer, mainly in the Asian community.

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