What Is A Nail Patella Syndrome Or Disease?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a poor formation of the nail as well as knee caps. It is genetic in nature and leads to formation of small nails. It is also known as Fong disease. Few authors also mention it as Turner kiser syndrome.

What are the signs and symptoms of Nail patella syndrome or disease?

It includes the small formation of the nail as well as knee caps and is genetic in nature. It affects the bone as well as joints. In almost all the cases patella is involved and there is a non formation of patella. In cases of small patella the knee are not so stable and there is a limited motion as seen in case of elbow. The joints show increase in the extension and there is a loosening of the radial head. There is an increase in the bone growth at the iliac bones and it occurs in every patient. It is the unique feature of this phenomenon.

The bone changes are also seen at scapula as well as ribs. There is an extension of the joints seen at this area. The signs and symptoms vary from one person to other. They have more chances of glaucoma or other diseases. Some people have no thumb nail and a few have a small piece of thumb nail. There is a problem in the elbow, pelvis as well as in the kidneys. The people with this disorder have spines which are not properly developed. They have few or other signs and the symptoms vary from one person to other. Even a single family has many signs and symptoms.

What are the causes of Nail patella syndrome or disease?

It includes the genetic cause and is autosomal dominant in nature. It is in link to the human chromosome 9 and there is an only single copy which leads to this problem. The chances of getting this disorder from the already suffering parent are 50. This is in link with the ABO blood group and has a linkage with LMX 1B.

How Nail patella syndrome or disease can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of visual examination as well as the medical history.

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