What Is A Nail Biting Disease?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a compulsion and is an oral habit. It is quite common.

What are the signs and symptoms of Nail biting disease?

It includes the sensitive to pain. It occurs at the place where the nail and skin meets. On the cuticle one can see hang nails. They should be removed completely. Otherwise saliva may red and the skin becomes infected. It may result to movement of the bacteria which are placed on the surface of nail. It occurs in the pin worms from anus to the area of mouth. It is related to a dental problem like the gingival injury as well as mal occlusion in the anterior teeth. The bitten off nails are swallowed in the stomach. The problems can also develop. The aesthetic effect of nail may affect the self esteem and interaction with other colleagues.

What are the causes of Nail biting disease?

It includes the genetic causes mainly. Stress could be the other factor too.

How Nail biting disease can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of visual examination and a personal history must also be taken.

How Nail biting disease can be treated?

It can be treated with the help of a behavioral change and one can go for the constructive habit. One must use the clear nail polish. It must be applied to the nails. It gives a bitter flavor with the mouth and the habit is discouraged. It is quite effective. One can also go for the mouth pieces which prevent the biting.

One can go for the behavior therapy and is quite effective when the other measures are not much effective. One can go for the habit reversal training in which one must unlearn this habit of nail biting. It must be replaced with a constructive habit. It is quite effective in case of children as well as adults. One can also go for the stimulus control therapy in which the stimulus is identified and deleted. The nail cosmetics remove the nail biting social effects. Children must wear footed pajamas so that they must not bite the toe nails. It affects one third of children between 8 to 9 years. It affects 50 percent of the teenagers. The 10 finger nails are bitten equally.

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