What Is A Minamata Disease?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a use of increase in the concentration of mercury. It affects the nerves. It is also known as Chisso Minamata Disease. It leads to problem in the walking, numbness in the feet as well as hands, improper vision, weakness in the muscles and may also affect the hearing as well as speech. It is followed by coma as well as paralysis. There is a congenital form of the disease in which the fetuses are affected.

It was first seen in the Minamata city of Japan in the year 1956. It occurred due to the release of methyl mercury in the waste water from industries. The toxic get accumulated in the fish as well as shell fish. The company and government did little to prevent the pollution. It leads to the death of cat, dog as well as humans. Around 10 thousand people received financial compensation. The other outbreak of Minamata disease occurred in the year 1965 in Nigata prefecture.

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