What Is A Mal Alignment Of Teeth?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an irregular placement of the teeth. It can occur due to the genetic reasons or due to the irregular eruption of teeth. It can also occur due to the delayed eruption or pre mature exfoliation of the teeth.

What are the signs and symptoms of Mal alignment of teeth?

It includes the occurrence of plaque on irregular teeth. It may lead to the inflammation of gingival as well as loss of periodontal tissues. It may lead to gingivitis and may lead to bone loss in the later stages. It may also lead to mobility of the teeth which may lead to exfoliation. They are difficult to clean and one must maintain a proper oral hygiene.

How Mal alignment of teeth can be treated?

One must go for an orthodontic procedure which includes the use of wires. It can be removable or fixed. It must be done up till one year and must be followed by the retention plate. It has to be treated according to the age.

How Mal alignment of teeth can be prevented?

One must consult a dentist as soon as possible. The eruption as well as the exfoliation of the teeth must be monitored properly.

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