What Is A Laryngeal Papillomatosis?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an involvement of the Larynx. There is a formation of the papillary mass. It is also known as the recurrent respiratory papillomatosis. It is not a common infection which is caused by the HPV infection in case of throat. It leads to few tumors that develop over a period of time. It is life threatening as it has the ability to block the air way. It is caused due to the type 6 and 11 HPV. The benign tumors are formed on the larynx as well as different areas of the respiratory tree. It happens very frequently and needs a surgery but it may have a problem with the breathing. One can also go for the anti viral along with the surgery.

What are the signs and symptoms of Laryngeal papillomatosis?

It includes the children and adults. In adults it may lead to the painful speech, hoarseness of voice as well as many vocal breaks. It also decreases the vocal range. In children it may lead to the trouble swallowing, weak cry as well as the noisy breathing. One can also notice a chronic cough. There is a stridor which is also known as the noisy breathing. It sounds like a whistle and sores. This is a sign that the trachea or larynx becomes decrease in the size.

How Laryngeal papillomatosis can be diagnosed?

A mirror is placed into the patient mouth so that the light is reflected into the vocal cords and larynx is examined. A doctor as well as the speech language pathologist helps in the diagnosis. In this a camera is placed inside the nose of patient so that the vocal cords in throat can be seen. One can also use the straight camera and is placed inside the mouth so that the vocal cords can be seen. One can also go for biopsy in few cases. The lesion must also be tested for the HPV. It is done in the operating room along with the general anesthesia. In small children it is the best option. It is misunderstood as the chronic bronchitis or asthma. It is a serious condition and the half obstruction may lead to the immediate removal.

How Laryngeal papillomatosis can be treated?

It mainly includes the surgery as well as the carbon dioxide surgery laser. Most of the treatment is done with the help of carbon dioxide surgery laser. In this there is no touch of the tissue to be removed. It is better as there is no scar formation, fibers are formed. Sometimes the larynx web is formed. The tumors can be controlled with the help of photo dynamic therapy. In this the dyes are targeted and the bright light is used. The doctor gives a single light sensitive dose which tumors absorb. The doctor gives a light sensitive which helps to remove the tumors.

The recurrence of the tumor has also decreased. One can also go for the tracheotomy in this case an air is used around the area which is affected and an incision is given along with it. A breathing tube is placed in the hole so that it goes inside the wind pipe. The tube helps the patient to breath properly. It is a temporary method and can be avoided. One can also use some anti viral drugs. Their effectiveness has not been proven yet. The frequency of tumor growth is controlled. It may lead to head ache, dizziness as well as the aches in body. Tumors have the ability to recur again and again after few months to few years.

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