What Is A Hymeno Lepiasis Disease?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an infection caused by the Tape worm. It has two species of tape worm which are H Nana and H Diminuta.

What are the signs and symptoms of Hymeno lepiasis disease?

It includes no specific symptoms. There is a loss of appetite as well as pain in the abdomen. There is diarrhea as well as itching and irritation around the anus. The symptoms always appear and have no relation to the infection. But there are few authorities who do not believe and say that the symptoms are related to the infection.

What are the causes of Hymeno lepiasis disease?

It includes the place where the worm lives that is in the intestine of rats. It is quite common in the warm climate. The worm occurs in the feces of rats and beetles consume it. The worm mature into cysticercoids includes the insect known as H Nana. When it is ingested accidentally human becomes infected and the worm life cycle is completed in the bowl. The infection remains there for years and must be treated. These type of infections are much common than the other infections. They are spread by the insects and the disease spreads from one person to other with the help of eggs. The larva forms a cyst in the wall of intestine and becomes adult later on. The infections were formally seen in the America. But these are present everywhere in the world now. It can become worse with the time. As the H Nana eggs have the ability to hatch and they do not need a definite host.

What is the life cycle of H Nana disease?

It is a cestode which can complete its life cycle and there is no need of intermediate host. It can move to intermediate host also. The most common intermediate host is arthropods. The definite host ingest the eggs and hatches and releases 6 larvae like structures known as the oncosphere. It goes inside the villi of small intestine and forms a cysticercoi.

How Hymeno lepiasis disease can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of stools and they are checked for the eggs as well as parasites. The eggs of different species of tape worm are of different sizes. The proglottids are quite similar. It has 3 testes. But the treatment is quite similar for both the species of tape worm.

How Hymeno lepiasis disease can be treated?

It can be treated with the help of a prazi quantIel. It is given as a single dose as 25 mg per kg. It has a very good efficiency. It is more than 90 percent. One can also use albendazole as well as niclosamide.

One can also undergo a 3 day course of nitazoxanide. It is very efficacious. Its dose is 1 g for adults and for children it is less than 500 mg. It varies depending on the age of children.

How Hymeno lepiasis disease can be prevented?

It includes the avoidance of any irritating factor. One must have a good hygiene, public health as well as good sanitation programmes. One must also remove the rats so that the spread can be prevented.

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