What Is A Human Boca Virus?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an involvement of the virus which leads to human problems. It leads to infection in the respiratory tract. It may lead to gastro intestinal problems as well as the role in infectious disease. The Koch postulate does not support it. The virus was discovered in Sweden from the aspirates of nose as well as pharynx.

What are the signs and symptoms of Human Boca virus?

It includes the people with respiratory problems and it can occur alone or in combination with other viruses. It may lead to other respiratory problems. In case of new borns one can give passive immunization. Children are most commonly affected and mainly include the age group of few months to two years. Few cases of older children have also been seen.

How Human Boca virus can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of visual examination and a patient history. One can look it in the respiratory samples as well as in urine, blood as well as stools. One can also see diarrhea in few cases and there is a link with the respiratory problems.

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