How Depression is caused?

by andywalsh | March 2, 2019 10:23 pm

The bio psychosocial model gave an idea that biological, psychological, and social factors all play a role to different degrees in causing depression. There is other theory which states that the depression occurs due to already existing stress. It can be genetic or due to the interaction between the environment and nature. Depression occurs with the variations seen in different genes. The occurrence of depression differs from one individual to other. As the two individuals have dissimilar gene structures. There is a substance which is also linked to the major depression like the use of drug or alcohol.

There are few anti depressants which increase the level of mono amines which are present in the nerves. The drugs which decrease the level of mono amines does not lead to depression in healthy people. It also does not worsen the condition. T here must be a constant level of mono amine s that the proper therauptic effect can be achieved. There are few problem in the patient’s brain who suffers from the depression has been proven with the help of MRI scan. There is always a link between the depression and loss of nerves in certain parts of the brain. It is the memory portion of brain. So, the mood is altered. There are few medicines which can increase the level of serotonin which increases the rate of synthesis of brain nerve. It helps to restore the brain portion which deals with mood.

Depression may also occur due to the increase in activeness of hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis. It is increased with the help of stress. The increase in level of cortisol and increase in the size of pituitary glands and affects the endocrine system in an adverse manner. This disorder is also related to the biological clock. The people which are affected have a quick and intense dream. The people who are depressed seem to have a change in the mood after they are not able to sleep. The absence of light is in link with the activity of season. It may also lead to the inability to sleep. It is also known as insomnia. The role of sleep deprivation and light therapy is almost the same. They affect the depression like the anti depressant drugs.

The role of estrogen in the depressive disorders increases after the puberty and the rate decreases after menopause. The low level of estrogen is also in link with the more risk of depression. The lowering of mood is in also link with the sudden with drawl of fluctuations. When the levels of estrogen are constant than there is a recovery from the depression. The symptoms of this disorder are quite similar to the sleeping sickness. Depression can also result due to the problems in the functioning of cytokines.

The depression is related to the personality and development. A low self esteem is an important factor for the occurrence of depression. The people who believe in God are less likely to go under depression. It is not understood properly which factors may lead to depression. In the early 1960 the model of depression was invented by a Beck. Some say that the depression in humans is quite similar to that of animals that are not in a good situation and are able to escape. The individuals who are suffering from this disorder blame themselves for these problems. The individuals which are depressed have beliefs which are not positive and are based on their failure experience. It also includes the tension as well as stress.

The factors which can lead to depression in the females are the death of mother in early age, no job and care of many children. In the case of old patients the factors are mainly health related and their relationship with the children or partners. Other factors which can lead to depression are poverty and social isolation. The increased chances of developing depression are in link with child abuse also. The other contributing factors can be problem in the families and the divorce between parents. The most common factor in this entire problem is stress. The fear of social rejection is one such factor. The link between stressful life and social system is not clear. If there is no or incomplete social support it can lead to the depression. One cannot neglect the use of drugs. The relationship may or may not be casual.

The other important factor can be the use of drugs or alcohol. They have direct effect on the physiological system of body. The increase in consumption of alcohol may lead to the depression and so is use of chronic alcohol.

Evolution also plays a crucial role in the occurrence of depression. It occurs as the humans have the ability to reproduce. The link is with the help of genetics. Everyone sees a depression in a different sense. It is also linked to shame, social taboo and rejection.

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