What is the history of Adeno Carcinoma of Lung?

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It includes the inability to know about this disorder as at that time the cigarettes were not introduced. It was not considered as a disease until the year 1761. The different aspects of the cancer were described in the year 1810. Only 1 percent of all the cancers are formed by the malignant tumors. It was seen in the autopsy done in year 1878 and this has risen up to 15 percent in the year 1900.

In the year 1912 case reports showed only 374 cases throughout the world but a review showed that the cancer incidence increased from 0.3 to 5.5 percent in the year 1852 to 1952.

In Germany in the year 1929, physician fritz showed the link between smoking and lung cancer. It gave rise to anti smoking campaign. In the year 1950 a British study was published which showed that the link has been established between the lung cancer and smoking. In the year 1964 surgeon general of the United States told that smokers must quit smoking.

The link of this disorder with a radon gas was shown among the miners in Ore Mountains near Saxony. In this area silver has been mined since the year 1470. These mines are rich in the uranium along with a radium and radon gas. The miners had a large amount of disease which came to known as the lung cancer in the year 1870. Three fourth of the miners died from lung cancer and in spite of these outcomes mining continued till the year 1950 and this happened due to the USSRs need for metals.

In the year 1933 the first successful pneumo nectomy was done for lung cancer. From the year 1940 a palliative radio therapy has been used.

In the year 1950 a radical radio therapy was used and in which a larger radiation were used in the patients with early stage lung cancer and in the people who were not fit for the surgery. In the year 1997 a radio therapy referred as the CHART was used which denotes to continuous hyper fractioned accelerated radio therapy which was a better technique as compared to the conventional radio technique.

In the year 1960, the small lung carcinoma was treated with a surgical resection and by a radical radio therapy. It was not so successful. In the year 1970 a successful chemo therapy regimens were came into force.

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