What is the histo pathology of Adenoma ?

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It includes the origin of benign epithelial tumor from the epithelium of mucosa which includes the stomach, small intestine, bowel and all other type of glands. In the hollow organs like digestive tract the tumor grows upwards into the lumen. This is referred as the adenomatous polyp or poly poid adenoma.

The adenoma can also be differentiated depending on the base of insertion it can be pedunculated lobar head or a long slender stalk. It can be covered by normal mucosa or could be sessile. Its proliferation shows different types of cell dysplasia in which there is a loss of normal differentiation of epithelium, with irregular cells and a hyper chromatic nucleus.

There is a stratified nuclei with nucleolus. One also observes the mitosis along with a decrease in the muco secretion. The appearance can be tubular, villous or tubule villous. The basement membrane and muscularis mucosae are in contact.

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