What Is A Grinding Of Teeth?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a grinding and clenching of the teeth. It does not cause much harm. But if it is done on regular basis it can cause injury to the teeth. It can also lead to other complications.

What are the signs and symptoms of grinding of teeth?

It includes the symptoms mainly during night and most of the people do not notice it. There is a dull and regular head ache which takes place and can even lead to sore jaw. It is the person who is sleeping next to the patient comes to know about the grinding. One must consult the dentist as early as possible. The dentist checks the jaw and looks for pain in the jaw and other problems. One must use a mouth guard so that the effect of grinding can be overcome.

How grinding of teeth can be treated?

One must use a mouth guard so that the effect of grinding can be overcome. Stress is the main cause so one must prevent the stress with the help of anti depressants. One must go for counseling programmes and few exercise programmes. One must go to a physical therapist so that if required one can also go for muscle relaxants. There are other tips which can prevent this condition. Avoid the foods or drinks that have caffeine. One must also avoid alcohol and after the ingestion of alcohol the grinding increases. One must not chew pencils or pen. One must not chew the gum as it may lead to clenching of the muscles of jaw. It increases the chances of grinding. If there is a grinding one must place the tongue in between the teeth. It allows the jaw muscles to relax. It can be also done with the holding a wash cloth which is a warm and is placed against the cheek near the ear.

How grinding of teeth can be prevented?

It includes the use of anti grinding apparatus.

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