What Is A Gnatho Stomiasis?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a human infection due to the round worms. It involves the vertebrates. It is also known as the gnatho stoma some authors also tell it as larva migrans profundus.

What are the signs and symptoms of Gnatho stomiasis?

It includes the fever, pain in the epi gastrium, vomiting as well as anorexia. It leads to the migration of larva into the intestinal wall. It leads to the abdominal cavity. It goes under the skin leading to sub cutaneous tissue it leads to migratory, painful, swelling which is not continuous. There are few patches of edema and are seen when the symptoms are not present. It is found on the abdomen. The lesion is different in size and one can see rash, pruritus, pain which is stabbing in the nature. One notices a swelling for 14 days and has the ability to reappear. It has the ability to cough, meningitis, hematuria along with the eosinophilia. In some cases central nervous system is also involved.

How Gnatho stomiasis can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of visual examination and a patient history. One can also see through a microscope when the worm is removed. The main diagnosis is the identification of larva. One can also go for the ELISA or western bolt test. They are reliable and are not easily accessible. It is seen in the endemic areas. One can also go for a CT scan so that the soft tissue worm can be identified. The worm can be seen in the case of central nervous disease. The other method of the diagnosis is the urinanalysis in this the blood is seen in the urine. But this is not a reliable diagnostic method.

How Gnatho stomiasis can be treated?

The most reliable method is the surgical removal along with the use of albendazole and ivermectin. The larva is removed surgically and this is the effective method and there is an accessible location. The combination of surgery along with drugs is used. The dose of albendazole is given at 400 mg daily for 3 weeks.

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