What is the future outcome of cancer on patients life?

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It is a life threatening condition. But with the recent advances in the field of science these predictions have not been correct. The different cancers have different future outcomes. They have a wide range effects on the patients quality of life. In the later stages of cancer the patient needs an extensive care which involves the family friends as well as relatives.

There are many organizations which support the people who are suffering from cancer. They give money, provide counseling, help in the transportation and allow them to watch a film on cancer. There are few local health providers which have these services available. The emotional support is provided by the counseling. It allows them to know about their disease. It can be group counseling, peer counseling and family counseling.

The main role of these organizations is to prevent the cancer and help in treatment and research.

What is the effect of cancer on people?

It includes the people of all age groups and the risk of having cancer increases with the age. It leads to more than one tenth of deaths worldwide. The most common type of cancer is lung cancer which is followed by the stomach, liver and breast. In America one fourth of the death occur due to cancer. In men the most common cancer is of prostrate and in women the most common cancer is of breast. It can also occur in the children as well as in adolescents and the most common type is leukemia. In the developed countries the chances of having a cancer are more as on average one in three individual suffers from cancer during their life time. The chances of secondary cancers are also very high. The survivors of cancer are more likely to have cancers in the future.

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