What Is A Food Borne Diseases?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a problem in the food which may lead to other problems. The school age children are the most commonly affected. It may lead to diarrhea as well as cramps in the stomach. The most common organism responsible for this disorder is E. coli. It is an important health problem in the public. There are few governments in our country who have to tackle this issue. One must take few efforts so that the problems in food safety can be managed. They are toxic or infection in the nature. There are few agents which enter the body by the intake of food. It is also caused due to the campylo bacter, salmonella, and cholera as well as entero hemorrhage.

What are the signs and symptoms of Food borne diseases?

It includes the diarrhea as well as cramps in the stomach. The most common organism responsible for this disorder is E. coli. It can occur due to few hours as well as many days. In later stages it can lead to vomiting, pain in the abdomen as well as diarrhea. It can also lead to fatigue. If the discomfort is acute the body is not able to recover properly and it takes a long time to do so. It can even lead to death. It mainly involves the people from high risk groups such as pregnant women, elder people or the sick people whose immune system is not so strong. It can occur due to number of small organisms. The people with the liver problems can also have these diseases.

What are the causes of Food borne diseases?

It is due to the number of factors. Most common is the improper handling, storage of food and due to the improper preparation. One must have good hygiene and it must after and before the preparation. One must go for a washing of hands which is the most suitable method to control the infection. One must also monitor the food. It must not be allowed to cross certain regulations. It can also occur due to the toxins as well as chemicals. The other reason can be medicines or pesticides. It is also seen due to the use of reef fish as well as poisonous mushrooms.

How Food borne diseases can be prevented?

One must follow certain guidelines related to the hygiene. The animal products must be surveyed. The farming with the inclusion of shops as well as restaurants must be done. The origin of ingredients must be known and they must be dealt accordingly. The origin of illness must also be known and treated accordingly. The final product must be altered accordingly. The veterinarians must control the law of enforcement.

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