What Is An Esophageal Speech?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a production of the speech and there is no oscillation seen in the vocal cords. The gas is produced by the sound from the esophagus. It rotates as compared to the normal speech. It is also known as the laryngeal speech in which there is an oscillation of the vocal folds. It is done by eructation.

What are the signs and symptoms of esophageal speech?

It includes the helping of a patient so that he can communicate after the process of laryngectomy. It is the common surgery which is done after the cancer of larynx is treated. In this operation larynx is removed completely. The air can move to tracheotomy to the lungs. It does not pass through the other organs such as the mouth, nose or throat. It by passes the vocal folds and the speech is not proper. The esophageal voice becomes necessary.

This type of speech can occur due to the absence of artificial larynx and can occur due to the pumping of air from the mouth in the upper part of esophagus. It increases in the size and the air is released in the proper manner. It occurs through the mouth along with the speaking of words. This type of speech is quite and sternous as compared to the other types of speech. One must look for good esophageal speakers which can produce 5 words per breath and more than 100 words per minute. The large segment and the pitch of esophageal speech is quite low. There is a correlation between the pitch and intensity. There is a high pitch voice along with a high intensity and can lead to exhaustion. The larynx sound looks like a cold voice.

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