What is the epidemiology of Adeno Carcinoma of Lung?

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It includes the most common cancer according to the incidence and mortality. One sees the highest rates in Europe and North America. The people who develop this dis order are above 50 and have a smoking history. The second most common form of the cancer is lung cancer. This data is in relation with the developed countries. It is one of the leading causes of death. The morality rate has been decreasing in the man for last twenty years which is mainly due to the change in habits but in the women the situation is vice a versa. Now, it is getting stable.

In a smoking culture big role has been played by the big tobacco. Tobacco companies are working hard from the year 1970 to market their products in both the sexes including the light and low tar cigarettes.

All cases of lung cancer are in combination with the smoking and passive smoking. So, a government has made a policy so that the cigarettes must not be used in the public places and people must not become passive smokers. It came into force in the tear 2008. The other risk factors can be the emission of pollutants from auto mobiles, factories and power plants. The highest mortality in the men is observed in the eastern part of Europe and the highest mortality in the women is observed in the northern part of Europe and United States.

This dis order is not so common in the developing countries and the chances are that this disorder is going to increase in the coming years especially in the India and China. It shows an inverse relationship with the sun light and ultra violet B exposure. It is mainly due to the preventive effect of vitamin D. The incidence of this disorder has been started increasing from the year 1950.

It is mainly related to the introduction of filter cigarettes. They have the ability to remove larger particles and decrease the deposition in airways which are larger in the size. But the smoker has to inhale more deeply so that he can get the same amount of nicotine. It increases the deposition of particle in the air ways which are smaller in the size and where this disorder arises. Its incidence has decreased from the year 1999 in the United States and is mainly due to the decrease in environmental air pollution.

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