What is an Enlargement of teeth?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is an increase in the size of teeth. It can be true or false. The teeth are larger in size than the normal teeth. Not all the teeth are involved and most commonly single teeth is involved. It occurs due to the problem in the shape of teeth. This term must be different from the bull teeth and double teeth. Sometimes, the jaw is small in size and the teeth looks large. It occurs in the case of gigantism.

What are the signs and symptoms of Enlargement of teeth?

It includes the problem in the secretion of hormones. The reason is not known for a single teeth but the hormonal imbalance is the reason in generalized teeth. It is linked with the gigantism as well as over growth of the one half of face.

How Enlargement of teeth can be diagnosed?

It includes the use of visual examination only.

How Enlargement of teeth can be treated?

It includes that there is no specific treatment for this disorder. One must identify the cause for it and must act against it. One can also remove the offending teeth and can replace it with an artificial tooth.

How Enlargement of teeth can be prevented?

No specific preventive strategy for this disorder.

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