What is the effect of Depression on people?

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This disease is a major cause of death worldwide. The numbers of people who are already suffering from this disease have a range from 3 to 17 percent in different developed countries. 10 percent of the people suffer from depression in different countries. . The time of onset of this disorder is mainly between 20 to 30 years. It can also occur between the third and fourth decade of life. It is quite common in women as compared to the men. The increase in depression is related to the development of puberty. It is in link with the psycho social factors.

The risk of this disorder increases with the nerve disorders also. It is also in relation with the heart diseases. There is a very controversial data which cannot tell about the association with the elder people. It is also linked with the unemployment and poverty. In the developed countries it is one of the main causes of death. In the coming years it can become the common cause of death after AIDS.

The main cause of its up rise is the delay in seeking treatment and the failure of doctor to provide treatment. Depression occurs along with the other problems such as psychiatry etc. Anxiety is the most common symptom of this disorder. The link between stress, anxiety and depression has been established. The chances of this depression increases with the use of alcohol and drug. It is also linked with the pain. It also increases the risk of heart disease. It is in relation with the smoking and obesity. The patient with this disorder does not follow the medical recommendations properly. Sometimes the heart specialist is not able to locate depression.

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