What are the different organs which are linked with the ectodermal dysplasia?

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It includes the ectodermal structures like hair, nails, teeth, sweat glands and digits. It can also involve other parts of the body also. In the case of hairs we observe a problem in the hair follicles. The hair in the body as well as in scalp is thin and sparse. Their color is not dark. The beard of the affected individual can be normal. The rate of growth of hair is slow and they can be weak or overly twisted or curved.

In the case of nails we observe a thick nails present in the finger as well as toes. They have a different color and irregular shape. They can get easily braked. The chances of infection to skin also increase.
In the case of skin we observe a pigmentation which is light in color. The injuries on the skin can become permanent. They are not properly pigmented. One can also look for red or brown pigments. There are chances of skin to become infected. It can become thick over the soles as well as palms. One must prevent the cracking, bleeding along with an infection.

In the case of sweat glands we observe a problem in the individuals in their inability to perspire. The sweat glands are not properly developed and they may not function normally. So, if there is no sweat production than it is difficult for the body to regulate the temperature. So, the body gets over heated mainly when there are summers. So, one must move to cool weathers.

In the case of teeth we observe an absence of teeth when an infant is born. The teeth may also have abnormal shapes like the peg shape or pointed teeth. It occurs when the tooth buds are developing. The enamel may also not be normal. One must go for a cosmetic dental treatment in order to treat this condition. It is necessary and in children one has to go for dentures when they are 2 year old. When the child grows there is a need of multiple replacements of the denture. In case of adolescence one can go for implants. In few cases teeth must be crowned. One can also go for orthodontic treatment. The dental treatment is quite complex and it requires the help of professionals of multiple fields.

The other features can be present on the face as well as in brain. They are unique in nature. It involves the long and prominent chins which are referred as the frontal bossing. The nose is broad in outlook. It can also affect the eye. They can become dry along with the other eye defects such as cataract. It requires the consultation of an eye specialist. The disorders in the ear may also occur. They may lead to the hearing problems. The infections in the lungs are also quite common. It occurs as the normal secretions from the mouth and nose are absent. One must take proper precautions.

The famous personality with this disorder is M. Berryman.

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