What Is A Dysnomia?

by andywalsh | March 12, 2019 10:47 pm

It is defined as a disorder in which there is a problem to correct the words presents in memory when required. It affects the speaking as well as writing abilities and can affect the both in coming time. The people have a problem to recall words. It can interfere with the normal activity of life and one should try to understand it. The doctors can use the neuro psychological test so that the condition can be diagnosed. It can occur due to the injury to brain or problem in the learning. It can occur due to the head injury or stroke and can lead to problem in the learning. There are other reasons which disappear with time. It cannot be cured and one can cure the coping strategies.

What are the signs and symptoms of Dysnomia?

It includes the individual ability so that the writing and speech can be cured. It takes more time to complete the test and few tests are not complete. The patient may pause or struggle and is difficult to recall the names. In few cases one can notice a non sense word from the patient. It is difficult to express the words. It is not a normal condition.

How Dysnomia can be diagnosed?

One can go for the neuro psychological test which helps to know about the anomia and dysnomia. It helps to know about the severity of condition and one must identify the neuro psychological conditions with other symptoms. One such example is the rapid automatized naming. It tells how fast the patient can tell objects or colors. There is a test in which the patient names five pictures of objects which are common. It is done on the computer screen. One must compare the completion test which is done against the average time according to the age of patient.

How Dysnomia can be treated?

There are different treatments which are based on the etiology of the disorder. If it is caused due to the brain injury or stroke than it is treated by the help of a speech pathologist. It is treated by the help of exercise so to recall can be improved. In case of trauma to brain there is a treatment that the language therapy must be start as early as possible and must be met according to the needs of patient.

The treatment is difficult as this disorder occurs due to the problem in development. The part of brain which deals with a recall word is not developed fully. There is no method to cause the development or can increase the speed. The children with this disorder may decrease or may get over as there is a growth of child. The medicine can lead to this disorder but there are other alternatives available. In few cases anti depressants are also helpful.

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