What Is Dyslexia?

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It is defined as a disorder in which there is a problem in the learning. The person has problem in reading, decoding and reading with a flow. It is different from the other reading problems and which occur as a result of problem in hearing as well as vision. It occurs when the reading instructions are not given properly. It affects one tenth of the population in developed countries. It is divided into three sub types such as auditory, attention and visual. There is a problem in the learning along with the writing too. The person with this disorder may have an average value of IQ.

What are the signs and symptoms of Dyslexia?

It includes the different symptoms which depend on the severity of disease as well as age. It can occur at preschool age or early primary school age and older primary school age. The preschool age group includes the features such as a history of difficult understanding before admitted to the school. They have delay in speech as well as new words. They have a problem in rhyming words and the letter knowledge is not up to the mark. Their letter knowledge is low and have a reversal letter.

The early primary school age includes the features such as problem in learning the alphabet and with the linked sounds in which the letters are present. They have a problem in speaking the names and to understand the proper words. They have a problem in the blending sounds so that the words can be spoken. They also have a difficulty in counting the words in a line.

The older primary school age includes the features such as difficulty in the reading as well as spelling, problem in the skills of organization, inability to see properly and to organize the facts, problem in keeping with the time when they do certain work, problem in reading the loud and clear words and to miss the words and speak two words similar.

One can also write the words backwards and letters tend to move while we read. Teachers must identify these children and must not act harshly due to their poor intelligence.

How Dyslexia can be treated?

It includes that there is no specific treatment for this disorder. There is no cure but the children with this disorder can write as well as read if they are given proper education.

The child must have coordination between the reading as well as spelling. The training which is given by seeing the things is much better than the other type of training. The successful treatment comes by the use of nerve causes which may lead to this condition.

How Dyslexia can be prevented?

It includes that this disorder cannot be prevented as of its genetic link. However, the condition can be improved so that it cannot get worsened. But it cannot be cured.

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